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    The New Bride 

    Mom..Mom….Mamma where are you? Sankar went to the guest room, then to the terrace, but no sign of Mom. Then he went to the pooja room, and ” Ma, we have to be at the girls place at 7.30, and you are doing your usual bhajan. ” Vimala admired her most obedient son and went on a rewind mode. How the years flew so quickly?

    Sankar is now, all ready, to get married, and that too to a girl of her choice. How rare? Can such a thing happen these days? Krishnan and Vimala had given full freedom to Sankar. But they had placed a few conditions. He had to study mechanical engineering and the second one is, to marry a girl of their choice, and the third one , the bride had to be fluent in spoken english. They wanted to be on equal terms with Dinesh & family, their neighbors.

    Dinesh’s wife would always talk to her as if she just came out of the “White House”. Vimala now wanted to take revenge on her by bringing in a wonderful bride who can speak the language most perfectly, with good table manners, a girl, to show her eating skills with a fork and spoon. Vimala had tried all this, but failed miserably. Once, at a kitty party, Vimala tried hard to lift a paneer tikka  with a fork. The harder she tried, the paneer eluded her. Finally she managed to stab the paneer ruthlessly and lifted the fork, but the paneer flew past a few tables and landed on Geeta’s costly embroidered blouse. The whole party got into a laughing mode, and was news for the whole week.



    Krishnan, Vimala and Sankar landed at 7.35 pm, which was the chosen auspicious time to see the ” bride to be ” Kalpana. Sankar’s and Kalpana’s horoscopes matched perfectly and this function was a mere formality. Kalpana was dressed in a red Kanchivaram silk saree and walked towards Sankar’s parents and offered them steaming hot coffee. Vimala blessed her as she touched her feet. ” You look wonderful, Child” she said. Kalpana smiled shyly. By now Sankar was fidgety and wanted to speak to her and sensing this, Vimala gestured gracefully and gave permission to take Kalpana to the next room for a one to one chat.

    Sankar nervously sat down on the brown Victorian sofa and admired Kalpana. ” Thanks Kalpana, after our horoscopes matched I was waiting for this moment to speak to you. It took two long weeks. Hmm.  Kalpana, why so silent? Anything wrong?” Kalpana shook her head as if to say everything is ok. She opened her handbag and took out a piece of paper and handed it to Sankar. Sankar was confused. He read the note ” Sankar da, I’m in “mouna virath” today, yes that means I wont speak the whole day. It is a offering to God Shiva. And, I love you so much. All green lights – from Kalps.”



    Sankar came out of the room beaming with delight and showed a thumps up sign to his parents.

    Their marriage was a gala affair, and the reception was hosted in style. Since Mr. Krishnan was a well known industrialist the “who’s who” of Chennai attended the reception and Sankar’s proud parents were smiling throughout. Why not? They had a stunner of a bride, rather “neighbors envy, Sankar’s pride.”

    Sankar was inspecting the bedroom decorated with jasmine flowers. He was waiting for his better half. Kalpana came in softly, leaving behind her giggling cousins who were whispering softly to her ears. She pushed them away and closed the door. Then she ran and hugged Sankar. She said “Sankar da, please please forgive me, I know little little English only. Your mother giving tough time to my pappa, always speak English, think English. I fed up. That day I gave note to you written by sister. I told lie about “Mouna Virath”. I know only so small English. I also like hands ,no fork and spoon. Don’t hit me.”

    Sankar fainted on the bed, and woke up after some chill splashes of water drops. Kalpana was at kissable distance curiously looking at him.”OK Kalpana. If my Mom hears this tomorrow, we both will be leading our lives in the garage. So until things settle down, note down these words and always say them when she chats with you. Say chill, Auntie. Awesome Auntie.” Kalpana asked ” Why Sankar da, Chill Chill, it is only for cool drinks na. Why I say it?”

    Sankar raised his voice.” For you and your parents acting  I would have hung you in this ceiling fan. Don’t question me now. Just do as I say ” Kalpana replied” “OK, OK, Please don’t do anything to me”.

    By now, Sankar was tired of coaching Kalpana the whole night. He poured two glasses of water and gulped it down quickly. “Ignorance indeed is bliss, he thought to himself” and drifted to sleep.



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    Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

    This time you have to weave a post including, ‘Ignorance indeed is bliss, he/she thought to himself/herself.’

    • Anita 7:58 pm on October 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      It’s all about English-Vinglish! Imagine what poor Kalpana has to face when speaking to the neighbours! Sankar can introduce her to English-coaching through the Internet! 🙂


    • Amar Naik 4:23 am on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      for me ‘ignorance is bliss’ has happened lot of time when i was in chennai 😀 not knowing one language sometimes makes this weekly prompt come alive lot of time in real life.
      nice story.


    • Kalpana Solsi 10:52 pm on October 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Poor girl. Good writing.


      • Ram 11:31 pm on October 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Kalpana for your encouraging words.


    • Garima nag 3:28 pm on November 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Beautiful Writing . True story of many girls . Here is Nomination for liebster Award for your blog . HAppy Diwali .



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    The Balcony 

    wowbadgeClap,Clap. Hey you! Wake up she shouted. Maya tried to wake up Vinay and Adarsh. She went close to Vinay’s ears and shouted “V I N A Y”.  “V I N A Y”. No response. She went inside the pooja room and brought a lovely Tibetan bell. She took the golden-colored stick and ” Bang“. A mmmmm sound filled the whole living room. Still no response.Then Maya murmured to her father. ” See Dad, these new directors, they don’t have any respect for genuine producers.”

    What guts ? What arrogance they have, these two idiots. I have spent nearly six months in creating and chiseling this wonderful love story, a fresh theme which the silver screen hasn’t seen. I am magnanimous, sorry dad, hmm, you are so magnanimous in agreeing to invest all  your real estate savings in producing this movie.



    So sweet of you. Where can they get such a writer-producer team? “We have just reached scene two”, Maya said as she grimly turned the pages of a thick, neatly bound file.  I have recouped all my acting skills and rendered this narration. I emoted such a romantic scene and with less spice, since you were here. I also felt a bit embarrassed.

    Wait, Maya, wait!  Her Dad furiously rose from his sofa and marched towards Adarsh. He went near him and shouted ” AAAAAAAAAAADAARSH”. Adarsh wriggled and opened his eyes slightly and tapped Vinay and said ” the milkman has come, I just heard him, just go downstairs and collect it from him.” Maya’s eyes turned blood red as she stared at him.



    Now Vinay was awake, slightly fresher than his drowsy associate and was taken aback when he saw Maya. He said ” Maya, how dare you can come to our house without information. “It is my house you worthless idiot.” Maya blurted out. Is this the respect you show to your producer. You have wasted a chance to direct a blockbuster. She threw the script file across the table, as it hit the glass ashtray and fell down with a huge crash. Hearing the sound Adarsh woke up and looked curiously at Vinay and Maya. ” What are you all doing in my house?” he said. Maya’s father started laughing loudly and said” These two guys are playing a trick on us. They don’t want to listen further, because they want to buy our story rights for a cheap price. ”

    Now Vinay and Adarsh burst into a continuous spell of laughter. Vinay said “Maya, feel lucky. Don’t even attempt to show that thick file to anyone. Your scene one is the biggest joke of the year. Two big whales coming out of the sea and dancing to AR. Rehman’s tune. Ha ha! If AR hears this he might sue you.” Maya’s father was terribly angry seeing his daughter crying. He tried to slap Vinay, but he cleverly ducked and his hand missed his face by two inches. Maya got up slowly and walked into the next bedroom.

    Maya it’s OK . I will advertise in “The Hindu” for new directors. Buzz.Buzz. Maya’s father shouted ” I’m coming, coming” and he opened the front door. Two boys, looked like college guys, were standing with two cricket bats in their hands. “Uncle, as usual the ball is in your kitchen. We came to collect it.” His father said” OK, make it fast.” as he entered his daughters bedroom.

    As they both walked into the kitchen, they glanced at Adarsh and Vinay, then at the thick bound script file. They smiled to themselves and whispered into Vinay’s ear..” Uncle, See that short balcony there, please go there and jump, yes, jump now. You will hit the lawn safely. Otherwise Maya auntie will come out with another file. She has many files. Hearing that Adarsh and Vinay rushed to the balcony door, opened it, and jumped out, and landed with a big thud.


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    This weekend your post must contain at least five sound words! For e.g. splash, crash, vroom, poof, etc.

    • Rekha 11:41 pm on October 13, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Maya aunty must have been an aspiring blogger-turned-writer-turned-producer. 😀


      • Ram 6:01 pm on October 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Rekha. I’m just contacting Maya to find out.


    • preethiprasan 12:40 am on October 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      🙂 nice post..different idea


  • Ram 3:46 pm on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Chettinad, chettinad art work, chettinad door, chettinad door handle, , Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu   

    one picture, one story 

    Chettinad Door

    Chettinad Door

    This picture tells a story of the exquisite wood work, artistic door pattern and the ornamental door handle of the typical “Chettinad House”. The Chettinad area comprises of several villages. The artisans who worked during those years were devoid of any computers, skilled tools, architects and interior designers. Many artistic wonders in wood were born during that period.

    Chettinad is a region of the Sivaganga district of southern Tamil Nadu state, IndiaKaraikudi is the capital of Chettinad which includes Karaikudi and 74 (traditionally 96) other villages.

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    Oh Honey 

    She said “Honey”. He mistook it to be “Money.”

    She said, “Honey look at our new carpet. Doesn’t it look so nice? “ He said “Darling where is my money? The granite floor was so nice. You have wasted my 20,000 rupees on this carpet. Remember the floor was so smooth and slippery that your mom slipped and fell. Thank god I haven’t seen her in months.”  She said, “Honey, how can you be so lousy? That’s why I bought this carpet. “

    Blue vacuum cleaner

    Blue vacuum cleaner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    He said “Darling, how do we maintain this carpet?” She said, “ Honey, look at our new Vacuum Cleaner “. He said “ Great Darling “, now you can skip your gym classes and save me some money.  “What?” She shouted. “But honey, look at our new help.”  He asked, “When did he join?”

    She said, “Honey, he came free with the vacuum cleaner. “ He said “Darling, what a waste of money.”

    This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

    SHE SAID ____. HE MISTOOK IT TO BE ____.


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    Tags: ABCL, All India Radio, Ameen Sayani, , amitabh bachchan strength, amitabh from weakness to strength, amitabh seventy, Big B, Bollywood, Hindi cinema, , Miss world 1996, Prakash Mehra, Puneet Issar, Studio Harcourt Paris Harcourt Paris, Zanjeer   

    Amitabh Bachchan – from weakness to strength 

    I am writing this post to describe how our society views failure and how people view success. Every famous and successful man or woman on the planet was once rejected either in school, or in college or in office or by his colleagues or by the government. Picking star dust from the sand is extremely difficult and many famous personalities including movie stars have faced disgrace, rejection and poverty in their start-up years. Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary Indian star was no exception.

    He has turned seventy, recently. Let’s celebrate his “strength’s.”

    “Struggles and uncertainties, successes and disappointments, accusations and controversies, ill health and months in hospital, all such a vivid kaleidoscope of moments, events, images simply unbelievable and unimaginable” writes Amitabh Bachchan in one of his blogs.

    English: Amitabh Bachchan photographed by Stud...

    English: Amitabh Bachchan photographed by Studio Harcourt Paris Français : Amitabh Bachchan photographié par Studio Harcourt Paris Harcourt Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Failure number one was his voice. His rich, baritone voice, being a single reason for every fan of his to visit the cinema hall was a weakness, according to All India Radio ( AIR ). He was rejected there and sent home. So did Ameen Sayani, the great radio jockey of “Geet Mala” fame. Sayani was a bit too busy to grant an audition for a tall, thin Amitabh in 1969. Amitabh changed this weakness to strength and made millions of fans flock to cinema halls to hear him just for his voice.

    Failure number two was his streak of thirteen consecutive flops. Any other man would have shut his suitcase and returned back to Shaw Wallace to continue as a shipping assistant. But Amitabh, persisted to hang on till “Zanjeer” appear in the form of God sent Prakash Mehra. Then there was no looking back on his movie career.

    Then something unexpected happened. Failure number three. The most infamous punch of villain Puneet Issar during the shoot of the film “Coolie”, made Amitabh Bachchan swoon and soon he was on the operating table. Puneet Issar was made a villain in real life and was movie less for nearly six years because of this incident.

    Amitabh with Amjad Khan during the resumption of "Coolie"

    Amitabh with Amjad Khan during the resumption of “Coolie”

    Again Amitabh bounced back to stardom despite this severe blow on his stomach. Any other star would have simply said good-bye to filmdom and taken a retirement. But Amitabh thought otherwise and went on to act in several films. Then a period of lull set in. Some of his films started to fail at the box office and he was out of work. He was not seen in movies for five long years.

    Failure number four. He set up ABCL ( Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd) in 1996. He produced a couple of films under this company and all of them were flops. Then he brought in the Miss World 1996 Beauty Pageant to Bangalore but literally lost millions in this contest. Then he had to face a lot of legal battles surrounding ABCL and had to pay of his loans by the penny. Again Amitabh showed a lot of grit and determination which entrepreneurs can borrow. He returned all the loans, started his acting career again and went on to take a new avatar as a host for the  “Kaun Banega Crorepathi” show on television. He retained all his properties and self-respect quite intact. He continues to shine as bright as ever.

    During his struggling days, Amitabh Bachchan had spent a few nights on a bench at Marine Drive, Mumbai. He loves to point out to the bench every time he drives past it. After all this success and stardom he still remains a very modest man.

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