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” Shot ready “. Kollywood’s most famous director Anil Rathnam whispered in his inimitable style. Anil, clad in jeans and a white shirt looked more like a professor, than a typical Director. His favorite heroine Vaishali was escorted preciously out of her caravan, like a foreign dignitary and made to sit comfortably next to him. She was looking as gorgeous as ever and her skin was glittering in the sun. The whole unit looked at her as she carried herself with grace that made Anil to continue with her in his sixth film.

Anil’s assistants were giving the final touches to the lavish dance set in which they were preparing to shoot the first scene. ” Anil Sir, Is the new face not yet ready. I just cant believe this. What the ….? It is his first day of shooting and this fellow, Ragubav….what bav, OK .. Ragav . Does he want us to wait for him. Is he Sharukh Khan?  ” Hey”. ” Relax Vaish”. ” Relax. I may be the trendsetter in low lighting, but today I’ve done something totally new. Just watch.”, said Anil.

The company car arrived, and out stepped Ragav. Vaishali nearly jumped out of her seat and was gasping for breath. She stood up, then, ran and kissed Anil on his forehead, then went straight to Ragav. She stood silently for a few seconds. His clean-shaven look bowled her over. Then she hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks, forehead and was all over his face. Ragav was totally embarrassed by this attention.

Anil continued ” Vaish, of late, Kollywood’s heroes don’t need a razor as most of them are running around with smelly beards. I decided enough is enough. I am introducing a new face with a clean shave.”

Anil cheered his unit – “OK guys, Start Sound.”


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