KISS. I love this acronym. “Keep It Super Simple“. So, lets keep it that simple. I’m Ram who likes to write. I’m also an Industrialist, machining automobile components and let my creative juices flow, by blogging with you. I love Rumi, Kannadasan, David Ogilvy, Wayne Dyer, and Louis Hay…the list goes on. I listen to all the lovely background scores in english movies and have my own classic collection. I also love to write mock news in English and Tamil.

I know blogging is a learning and a reinventing process. I just don’t blog to tell the world what I do in the mornings, afternoon, evenings? Who my friends are? What I ate for breakfast ?


I enjoyed this as much as you.

When the internet hit the world breaking many unheard barriers in communication, the world gasped in this overflow. We are right now bathing in a sea of information, struggling to extract knowledge out of it. It’s an information overdose. Your mobile rings while you bathe, stand, sit, drive, sing and sleep. We are tempted to talk when it’s apt to walk and pass on the information.

I write posts only when I am really interested in the topic and if it’s worth sharing. Short stories and fiction are my cup of tea. Join me. Lets have fun.