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                                                   The Evening News at 8pm

    1. The Government has decided to allocate an extra holiday per week for students in schools and colleges in India. This is due to the increase in films in Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood. Students are unable to catch up with all the movies that are being released every week, and this move was welcomed by all principal’s.

    2. Japanese Car companies in India have closed their road test tracks inside the company and have decided to use Chennai city roads and its suburbs for this purpose. Mr.Narita, who represents a major car company from Japan, says that roads in Chennai have the right amount of bumps, pot holes, and speed breakers, that, this road test will be a cost saving exercise for their companies. All their cars will be put to the ultimate endurance test at free of cost.

    3. Heroines of tamil cinema are planning to stage a dharna in front of the collectors office next week. The main reason for this was, that most heroes of Kollywood are sporting an unwashed beard. This has caused lot of itching in romantic scenes. Unless they trim it or shave it, they say, the dharna will continue, says Deeksha, the secretary of the Heroines association.

    4. Voters in Chennai are planning to import low-cost helicopters for daily travel in and out of the city. Since, lot of rally’s and election campaign meetings are held frequently by one party or another, this has caused lots of hindrances to the common man. Many Bank managers have welcomed this move and are even ready to arrange for helicopter financing.

    5. There has been a rush for registration in cooking classes, taught by NRI’s, in Chennai. Since there are new restaurants mushrooming everyday, most housewives have forgotten the art of cooking and are eager to join in these classes to brush up their basics. There was a strong objection to this move by the Hoteliers association, and they are planning to offer a heavy discount on weekdays, says Mr. Kribakaran, its president.

    This is the end of the news bulletin.


    Disclaimer : News with lots of reel. Read with strong reel sense. Thank You.

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    Start Action 

    ” Shot ready “. Kollywood’s most famous director Anil Rathnam whispered in his inimitable style. Anil, clad in jeans and a white shirt looked more like a professor, than a typical Director. His favorite heroine Vaishali was escorted preciously out of her caravan, like a foreign dignitary and made to sit comfortably next to him. She was looking as gorgeous as ever and her skin was glittering in the sun. The whole unit looked at her as she carried herself with grace that made Anil to continue with her in his sixth film.

    Anil’s assistants were giving the final touches to the lavish dance set in which they were preparing to shoot the first scene. ” Anil Sir, Is the new face not yet ready. I just cant believe this. What the ….? It is his first day of shooting and this fellow, Ragubav….what bav, OK .. Ragav . Does he want us to wait for him. Is he Sharukh Khan?  ” Hey”. ” Relax Vaish”. ” Relax. I may be the trendsetter in low lighting, but today I’ve done something totally new. Just watch.”, said Anil.

    The company car arrived, and out stepped Ragav. Vaishali nearly jumped out of her seat and was gasping for breath. She stood up, then, ran and kissed Anil on his forehead, then went straight to Ragav. She stood silently for a few seconds. His clean-shaven look bowled her over. Then she hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks, forehead and was all over his face. Ragav was totally embarrassed by this attention.

    Anil continued ” Vaish, of late, Kollywood’s heroes don’t need a razor as most of them are running around with smelly beards. I decided enough is enough. I am introducing a new face with a clean shave.”

    Anil cheered his unit – “OK guys, Start Sound.”


    I would like to tag

    Garima shrivastava nag , amarnaik.com , ( Amar ) 

    A bit of this and that

    This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.We’re here with the biggest and most interesting activity for bloggers where you write a post with a minimum of 200 words and maximum of 300 words using either “I hate that smelly stubble” or “His(My) clean shaven look bowled me(her) over”and weave a creative story around it.
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    Who’s the hero in Kollywood 2013 

    Who is the HERO

    Who is the HERO ? photo credit – carol mitchell

    I switched on my  FM radio this morning and out came a song “Who’s the hero” sung by Andrea. Then it left me pondering for a few minutes, and then I decided that this is going to be my topic for my next post. Ha! Thanks Andrea.

    Tamil cinema is changing now. Changing for the better. Cinema and politics have been the most juiciest cocktail for the man on the street in Tamil Nadu. He has seen stars rise from nowhere to superstars in politics. Stories were based on the star value rather than acting skills. Songs were fine tuned to suit the actor, rather than the character of the film. Situations were created to ego boost the star image of the hero. Every hero has his share of fan following and the numbers might make one dizzy.


    Director Sridhar

     We have seen quite a few off beat Tamil films right from the 1960’s, but their percentage were very few. Veteran Directors like Sridhar, K.Balachandar, K.Vishwanath  (telugu) , Mahendran, Bharathiraja and a few others made films on story based subjects leaving their super heroes for some rest.

    Films like Moondru Mudichu, Avargal, Udhiri Pookkal,  Aval Appadithaan, Sankarabaranam (telugu ), 16 vayadineley, made with different story-lines made a huge impact with the tamil audience. In fact Bharathirajas’s film 16 vayadineley took the studio owners by a big surprise. Films made in studios, were taken away to villages and outdoor shooting became a trend after that.  But even they could not sustain this trend for a long period, since the tamil cinema goer was in a fantasy world, wanting to applaud super heroism and wishing to see on-screen the things he could not achieve in his or her own life.

    Amitabh Bachchan

    Amitabh Bachchan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    He liked the angry young man’s image when Amitabh Bachchan was ruling supreme in Hindi Cinema. Then he liked the heroes bashing baddies all over the place and letting truth triumph over evil in the end. Unlike Malayalam cinema the Tamil audience were not prepared for rustic screenplays. So the producers were using the same beaten formula for commercial success.

    But now tamil cinema has changed tremendously. Every third movie which gets released has a totally formula free and heroism free story line. So now the real hero of the tamil cinema industry is the screenplay with awesome actors playing their part with the right blend of heroism. Actors are on a roll now. Every movie has new faces and most of them are talented. The same effect happened when A.R. Rehman took over the reigns of the tamil film music industry.  The flood gates were opened and the unwritten  laws and bye-laws for the tamil film music industry were packed and shelved. A whole crop of new singers arrived and the fittest survived.

    SoodhuKavvum(2013)_Poster (1)

    credit : Wikipedia

    In the same way the audiences are lapping it with joy. Movies worth mentioning are Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanum, Soodhu Kavvum, Pizza, Neram, Myyna, Naan Kadavul, Vazhakku enn 18/9, Autograph and so on. Realism is the new key word. But I have to mention a few disturbing elements here. Lot’s of violence has been unleashed in the name of realism which is a bit sad. If this urge is curbed then the films will be much more  healthier. Tamil movies are frequently being remade into other languages which is also a good sign.



    So a day might come when we might even move closer to Hollywood and we might see only actors and not heroes.

    See you with my next post.

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