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    The Waiting Room 

    imagesPriyanka was all drowned in sweat. She was perspiring. God! What had happened to her? It was spine chilling cold in her  air-conditioned office. The office, that  she was so used to, day and night. Rather,day shifts and night shifts for four years till now. Life hasn’t been the same when she landed on this job after graduation. An IT career, her parents dreamt of. Infosys was her dream, for a girl from a far away smaller city like Salem. She got what she wanted. Her parents pushed her out of the house as soon as she graduated, and talked with pride about their daughter, to all their relatives. ” You know, my daughter Priyanka is at Infosys. We are looking for a handsome bridegroom.Horoscope work is in progress” her Dad would say this to his cousins when they came home. Her mother would have a proud grin always, as if she had won a lottery. Priyanka’s pals were taking their afternoon break, and here, she was all alone staring at her blank PC screen.

    She was a goody-goody girl so far. Just casual chats, no serious stuff with any guy until yesterday. Rahul. Yes. Rahul was the guy who was causing all this sweat. The tall and handsome Rahul, whom everyone at office was willing to kiss in public. Her friends at office would jump into his lap once he arrived, and sip coffee with him for hours together and exchange pizza bites just to taste his lips. This would happen so often that, Priyanka would get annoyed and would just close her eyes when he arrived and concentrate on her laptop. Rahul had called her yesterday and asked her for a date. At first she just froze. Why me. She wasn’t close at all. It was surprising that he got her number. There were so many cute girls waiting to jump into his car. She was not “Fair and Lovely”. She was above average, but presentable. Ok..She was different. Rahul had asked her to wait at the lounge at the ” Tonic Bar ” at 7 pm. She felt odd. She was there a couple of times with her friends, but wasn’t familiar with the place. It was close to her office, though. It was 6, now and couldn’t take it anymore. Waiting here was the same as waiting at the Lounge. ” Why not be there early, so that this whole thing would get over soon” she thought. She took a break, and took out a few cleansing wipes and touched her face. It was so cool. Refreshing.

    She left her office quickly, before she got confused. So if it’s going to be Rahul, why not. It was only the girls who were after him. He was not. He just chatted. That’s it. He was smart, handsome and if it’s me, he will be my trophy. The Tonic Bar was a small place. Mostly the IT crowd flocked there. Noise and laughter mixed with hiccups was all one could hear. She took a comfortable sofa and dropped down. The graffiti in the wall in front of her was screaming red. She told the guy who came to take orders, that a friend is coming in half an hour and she will wait until then. The guy smiled, and left. It’s so scary to be in a bar without drinking she felt. So many guys and girls were talking the truth. After a couple of shots, it was “truth time”. True emotions, feelings, lies, bullshit, all poured out in each table. She felt like recording the conversation’s, because she knew it would all change the next morning. She set her gaze, moving her eyes all around. “Holy cow”. It was Rahul. What the… What is he doing at that corner table she thought. It was only 6.30 and here he was, talking to a waiter , so close to his ears and pointing his finger to a cocktail glass on the table. The waiter nodded his head vigorously and Rahul smiled and pressed something into his hands. The waiter was over joyed. Why didn’t he call her and tell her that he would be early. Her mobile vibrated now and started dancing in her handbag.

    It was Rahul. ” Hi. Priyanka, Sorry , I will be a bit late. Be there at 7.30 at the lounge. OK. I’m at my cousins place. Damn. This traffic is annoying” he said. “I will be there soon”. Wow. He had mastered the art of bluffing. She was screaming inside but concealed it elegantly. He was a con guy. So, Mr.Rahul was right here, and was giving her the “cake”. She quickly gathered her thoughts.  His waiter buddy was busy chatting with him. Her heart was fluttering but  she was smart enough to understand, the finger signal by Rahul. They were planning to spike her drink when she arrived. May be after a few rounds. Then….Then, he might even carry her to his car and head straight . Straight to his apartment, or a Hotel. Who knows? Her heart was racing now. It was worth the wait. She was lucky to be early. Early enough, to know the real Rahul. She quickly, but silently got up, turned her head slowly, and dashed her way to the exit. She wasn’t noticed at all. The dim lights came to her help. The wait was finally over. wowbadge______________________________________________________________________________________________ This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This week’s WOW prompt is – ‘The Waiting Room’ Waiting rooms are a pretty common sight, being ever present in many places. In the doctor’s office, at train or bus stations, at airports or in universities. You might have been directed to a waiting room before your interviewer was ready to meet you. Waiting rooms not just denote a halt, but also a transition, don’t you think? What are the stories that can take place in a waiting room? Write a superb blog post on ‘The Waiting Room’ as soon as you can, because we can’t wait to see your entry!

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      Interesting…dark side of the charming professional. The character of Priyanka is well sketched.


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    Students ! 

    Location – A remote countryside school for the aged in northern India.

    Synopsis – A new and young English teacher, Mr. Rahul arrives from Mumbai to teach a batch of twenty students between the age of sixty to seventy.

    Rahul : Good morning to all of you. This is my first day at this school. I understand that you are all very nice, good and obedient students. That’s what, Mr.Panicker, your correspondent told me. You have all been in this class for a month. So, let me begin by testing your knowledge. Hmm. Your name Sir. ” I am Pramod, Masterji “, he answered. OK Pramod, come here and write the word KNOWLEDGE on this board. ” Me, Me, Me. Masterji.” There was a chorus in the class, but Pramod ran faster with the chalk piece, towards the board.


    He wrote a really big ” NOWLEDGE”, on it. Rahul laughed. So, where is the K, in the word. Pramod said ” Masterji, how can there be a K in this word. Not necessary. It is Nowledge. See ” Nonsense, Nomad, Naughty”. All these words have no K. Rahul got irritated and said ” Students, we can’t change the grammar according to our will. So don’t write your own grammar. This word begins with the letter K. Understand. The class shouted in unison. ” No, No. It is not correct. You are a cheater teacher. You don’t know English. Let’s do the same thing, what we did to Pandey.Come friends. ”

    They ran to Rahul, and turned him upside down and tied him on the ceiling fan. Rahul was pleading for help. His mobile rang, and he answered it with great difficulty. ” Help. Help. What? Are you waiting for me in the class. But I am already in a class in the town street. What? It’s on the north town street. Why didn’t you be clear. Then what class is this. Oh God!


    This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

    This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! Your post must contain a text conversation ending with someone saying “k”.

    image – custardy.blogspot.com

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    condition serious hai 

    “Where is your aunt’s place yaar. We are driving for an hour in Bangalore, seen all white houses except your aunt’s” said Vinod. “Pratima aunt’s house is so big and white, and they found such a place only at the outskirts of the city.” replied Prem.  You know something. She doesn’t invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to her place. This is just my second visit to her’s. Vinod looked amazed. So rich ? Yes da . I promised her that we would be staying only for a day to attend the rock concert.

    As our car entered the huge,white building, a grim-faced security guard asked us to wait. He clicked the intercom and murmured something. “Ok chalo” , he then waved us inside. We waited near the main entrance for a while. Then an attendant opened the door and stared at us for a minute. Vinod placed his right foot inside. ” Aaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeei” a loud shout erupted from the garage. Vinod was so startled that he nearly fell down. A servant came running with a door mat and placed it inside. Now the stone faced attendant, gestured us to come inside and sit down in the huge living room.

    I got hold of Vinod’s trembling hands and we both sat down at the exquisite Victorian leather sofa. Vinod tried to smile at the attendant. But no response. He was still staring at us from ten feet away. Vinod whispered ” Prem, this idiot here is so stiff. I think he needs a good laundry .”  ” Shut up and keep quiet” replied Prem.

    The attendant left the place and we both smiled and were relieved. But he was back in a minute, with a huge dog. He talked something in his ears and the dog started to sniff our two bags. It then moaned. The attendant, took it away immediately after that. ” What the *))))$%^^^^% “, shouted Vinod. “Are we checking into some hotel. Your aunt must be a crazy nut, I guess.” Prem gently tapped his shoulder asking him to keep quiet.


    Two beautiful maids arrived with two glasses of water and offered it to us. ” But your aunt hires some real beauties da”. said Vinod. Prem stared at his friend and took a glass and started sipping. Vinod said No. The girls looked puzzled and stared at each other. They wouldn’t move an inch. They again offered the glass of water to Vinod. “No. Sorry I’m not thirsty.” The two maids started to look a bit nervous now, and Prem was wondering what was wrong. Meanwhile Vinod wanted to use the loo and asked for directions. He went to the guest room and relieved himself. He opened the door and was shocked. The two maids were standing with glasses of water. “No, please understand, I don’t want to drink, ” said Vinod. ” Sir, please drink. Mem Saab’s orders”. Vinod got irritated now. “Where is your MemSaab. We are seeing only servants, dogs and door mats. Ask her to come”.

    Hearing the commotion, Prem rushed to the room and tried to pacify his friend. Vinod, was very angry. I’m leaving da. Let’s go. I would rather stay on the platform in front of the concert ground, than roaming here. Prem was also in the same mood, but curiosity got the better of him. As they walked outside, Prem asked a gardener about the maids chasing them with water glasses. The gardener hesitated for a while and looked all around and turned his head in 360 degrees and then answered. ” Sir, Mem Saab told us, every visitor should drink water first, as they come inside the house. It removes evil eye. I mean ” Drishti. Understand. ”

    Vinod and Prem laughed together so loudly. “Prem. What an aunt you have da.” The gardener came running. Are you going Sir. Prem replied ” Tell Mem Saab that I will call her later”. They both looked at each other and started laughing again.


    This post is written for #conditionserioushai contest held by Cadbury 5 star – Visit their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/cadbury5star

    water-glass image –  http://www.123rf.com

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    An Hourglass Figure 

    imagesGuru Hemchand’s secretary gently opened the CD player and inserted a CD. After a few seconds, “Aum…mmmmmmm” , the enchanting  sound filled the huge hall. When “Aum” is chanted in a chorus, it fills the air, and like tranquil waves, the mind becomes calm and relaxed. The hall was  filled with mostly Westerners and Indians, who closed their eyes and started to feel one with this chant. This early morning session was eagerly awaited by many guests, hmm…… followers, no, disciples……No no. Hemchand didn’t like to tag them with any of these words. They were all like his friends.

    Vedhika, who was in her late twenties, married with a son, joined this meditation course two weeks before. She opted to join here because this centre was close to her house and she could just walk, meditate, then walk back home. It sounded easy.   Hemchand was more like a corporate consultant, than a guru. He didn’t have any assistants washing his feet, or people bowing before him. Nor did he have pictures of him plastered all around the place. He spoke when needed. But his mind was razor-sharp, very disciplined and mature. The westerners liked this aspect, since they didn’t have to bother with arrival and departure. No signatures were asked and  no registers were maintained. Above all, the whole course was free. Hemchand was in his mid forties, and had withdrawn from a successful career as a lawyer in the US. This meditation centre was his baby for the past five  years and he had enough money to just sleep in his “easy chair” for the rest of his life. But his mechanical life in the US, taught him the importance of human values, love and relationship. He decided to pack his bags and go back to India.


    Vedhika’s presence at the centre, was watched with envy and irritation by the administrators and participants. She had an hourglass figure, and dressed mostly in sarees, with very low-cut blouses. She daily wore a strong “Bvlgari Jasmin Noir” perfume. It had notes of pink pepper, bergamot and Jasmine and it was the jasmine that stood out most. The overall effect was provocative, sexy, and alluring.  All other participants would be dressed appropriately, but Vedhika intentionally concentrated to draw attraction, rather, cause distraction. After a few days, her presence started to become an eyesore to everyone because she always appeared to talk in length about meditation, vibration and yoga to others, though she always appeared fidgety and restless.

    Hemchand studied Vedhika from the day she arrived. He noticed all her flaws, and being a psychic, he knew what she was up to. That day, during the class, Vedhika posed some weird questions to Hemchand. She said ” Sir, I have been meditating for nearly three months and my kundalini is not rising. I have not heard any bell sounds, and no “Devta” has appeared in my vision, as promised by you. I came here to witness all these.” “Please wait” Hemchand interrupted. ” Please meet me in my room later, where your questions will be answered. ”

    Vedhika was pleased. She was waiting for such a moment. After the class got over, she was asked to come inside the private room of Hemchand. She went inside and sat down on the broad, yellow floor mat. ” Vedhika , I am sorry. Meditation is not what you think. It is beyond thinking. There are no expectations here.” Hemchand laughed, and continued. ” Bell sounds, Archangels and Devtas are not servants to appear at our will. It is they who decide when to appear, and to whom to appear. It doesn’t matter if they appear or not. It is the great cleansing process which we are doing daily, shedding all our garbage out of our system, which is important. For some it takes minutes, for some it takes years. I presume your married life is not in order. Your husband is not devoting any attention on you because he is busy with his work. So, you are trying to garner attention with your skimpy dressing. Actually you are an innocent victim of this mechanical life pattern. I suggest you bring your husband to me, to have a chat. This can be sorted out easily.

    Tears were rolling from Vedhika’s round cheeks. She thought, how did this idiot know about their married life? She then stood up and thanked Hemchand. ” Sorry Guru, I am sorry to have asked so many questions. My husband is returning from the US next week. I promise, we will come together, to meet you. Thank you.


    This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

    Every weekend, we give out creative writing topics for the love of writing.

    This time your entry must contain the three words idiot, perfume and CD.

    hourglass sari photo credit – utsavfashion.in.  Lotus pose, photo credit – flexifitness.runningcoachsg.com  Bvlgari Jasmin Noir – http://www.kraseybeauty.com/

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    The Balcony 

    wowbadgeClap,Clap. Hey you! Wake up she shouted. Maya tried to wake up Vinay and Adarsh. She went close to Vinay’s ears and shouted “V I N A Y”.  “V I N A Y”. No response. She went inside the pooja room and brought a lovely Tibetan bell. She took the golden-colored stick and ” Bang“. A mmmmm sound filled the whole living room. Still no response.Then Maya murmured to her father. ” See Dad, these new directors, they don’t have any respect for genuine producers.”

    What guts ? What arrogance they have, these two idiots. I have spent nearly six months in creating and chiseling this wonderful love story, a fresh theme which the silver screen hasn’t seen. I am magnanimous, sorry dad, hmm, you are so magnanimous in agreeing to invest all  your real estate savings in producing this movie.



    So sweet of you. Where can they get such a writer-producer team? “We have just reached scene two”, Maya said as she grimly turned the pages of a thick, neatly bound file.  I have recouped all my acting skills and rendered this narration. I emoted such a romantic scene and with less spice, since you were here. I also felt a bit embarrassed.

    Wait, Maya, wait!  Her Dad furiously rose from his sofa and marched towards Adarsh. He went near him and shouted ” AAAAAAAAAAADAARSH”. Adarsh wriggled and opened his eyes slightly and tapped Vinay and said ” the milkman has come, I just heard him, just go downstairs and collect it from him.” Maya’s eyes turned blood red as she stared at him.



    Now Vinay was awake, slightly fresher than his drowsy associate and was taken aback when he saw Maya. He said ” Maya, how dare you can come to our house without information. “It is my house you worthless idiot.” Maya blurted out. Is this the respect you show to your producer. You have wasted a chance to direct a blockbuster. She threw the script file across the table, as it hit the glass ashtray and fell down with a huge crash. Hearing the sound Adarsh woke up and looked curiously at Vinay and Maya. ” What are you all doing in my house?” he said. Maya’s father started laughing loudly and said” These two guys are playing a trick on us. They don’t want to listen further, because they want to buy our story rights for a cheap price. ”

    Now Vinay and Adarsh burst into a continuous spell of laughter. Vinay said “Maya, feel lucky. Don’t even attempt to show that thick file to anyone. Your scene one is the biggest joke of the year. Two big whales coming out of the sea and dancing to AR. Rehman’s tune. Ha ha! If AR hears this he might sue you.” Maya’s father was terribly angry seeing his daughter crying. He tried to slap Vinay, but he cleverly ducked and his hand missed his face by two inches. Maya got up slowly and walked into the next bedroom.

    Maya it’s OK . I will advertise in “The Hindu” for new directors. Buzz.Buzz. Maya’s father shouted ” I’m coming, coming” and he opened the front door. Two boys, looked like college guys, were standing with two cricket bats in their hands. “Uncle, as usual the ball is in your kitchen. We came to collect it.” His father said” OK, make it fast.” as he entered his daughters bedroom.

    As they both walked into the kitchen, they glanced at Adarsh and Vinay, then at the thick bound script file. They smiled to themselves and whispered into Vinay’s ear..” Uncle, See that short balcony there, please go there and jump, yes, jump now. You will hit the lawn safely. Otherwise Maya auntie will come out with another file. She has many files. Hearing that Adarsh and Vinay rushed to the balcony door, opened it, and jumped out, and landed with a big thud.


    This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.

    This weekend your post must contain at least five sound words! For e.g. splash, crash, vroom, poof, etc.

    • Rekha 11:41 pm on October 13, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Maya aunty must have been an aspiring blogger-turned-writer-turned-producer. 😀


      • Ram 6:01 pm on October 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Rekha. I’m just contacting Maya to find out.


    • preethiprasan 12:40 am on October 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      🙂 nice post..different idea


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    Oh Honey 

    She said “Honey”. He mistook it to be “Money.”

    She said, “Honey look at our new carpet. Doesn’t it look so nice? “ He said “Darling where is my money? The granite floor was so nice. You have wasted my 20,000 rupees on this carpet. Remember the floor was so smooth and slippery that your mom slipped and fell. Thank god I haven’t seen her in months.”  She said, “Honey, how can you be so lousy? That’s why I bought this carpet. “

    Blue vacuum cleaner

    Blue vacuum cleaner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    He said “Darling, how do we maintain this carpet?” She said, “ Honey, look at our new Vacuum Cleaner “. He said “ Great Darling “, now you can skip your gym classes and save me some money.  “What?” She shouted. “But honey, look at our new help.”  He asked, “When did he join?”

    She said, “Honey, he came free with the vacuum cleaner. “ He said “Darling, what a waste of money.”

    This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

    SHE SAID ____. HE MISTOOK IT TO BE ____.


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    my best friend 

    AND before I knew it, I had hit “Send”. Machaan don’t waste time da, let’s go da, let’s go da. My friend Sushil was jumping in joy, as though he cleared all his semester papers. I was still hesitant and gave him a doubtful look. Sushil wanted to go to Koshy’s, our favorite food joint to celebrate the email.

    My best friend Sushil has finally helped me in jointly creating and sending my first love mail to Priya, my college mate. I have been chasing her, the whole of this year inside the College, Chennai’s – Cafe Coffee Day’s, Barista’s, Pizza Hut’s and Express Avenue. It was just like a temple visit, where you see so many faces, pray and then come back home. Our eyes met so many times but we hardly spoke a word during this year. Of course I traveled only with my close buddies and this might have been the reason for our lack of communication.

    My greatest pain was her mother Kalpana. All my visits to her house at odd hours early in the morning or at mid afternoon proved futile because of Mrs.Kalpana’s domineering presence. When I heard, her father was posted in the Navy, I went so crazy, thinking of so many close encounters we might have in the future. But Mrs Kalpana made up for all that. She would guard her daughter as if she was protecting an upcoming movie actress. She escorted her to the groceries, library, video parlor, hair cut’s, bus stops and even to the telephone department office.

    I just got fed up. So we decided it’s time we took action and on this golden day, we combined, to draft, a so, so, romantic email which ran for two pages. We even smuggled in three quotation books from my Dad’s study.

    Sushil, ok let’s go now, but before that  let me just check the “sent” mail column. WOW. It said message sent. Lucky me, no bounce. Sushil. Hey Sushil, why are you so silent da. I turned around to see Sushil’s face all red, as if he just walked out of a horror movie. He said, You idiot. You ***^%$%$.

    You have sent the mail to kaliswaiting@gmail.com. That is her mothers email id.

    Cheap liar, Sushil. I banged his face and he fell flat on the bed. You said you copied the email from her facebook account.

    Sushil said “Sorry , Sorry, it’s all my fault”. I have copied it right, but sent you the wrong sms. Machaan please understand, I copied Mrs.Kalpana’s email too.

    This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. wowbadge

    This weekend your post should begin with, “And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’.

    • ravindrara rajput 6:51 pm on September 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Lol.. that was a wonderful climax to an otherwise sweet romantic story about to begin 🙂


      • Ram 8:53 pm on September 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you ravindrara …I also felt it could go on….


    • Sreeja Praveen 12:29 pm on September 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      hehe 🙂 Friend romba usharu pola irukku 😉 Amma’va kooda vittuvekkave illaiye 🙂 Nice Post, Ram. First time here 🙂 nice to c ur blog 🙂


      • Ram 5:20 pm on September 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Ha Sreeja..yeah be careful with best friends


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