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    You are watching 


    “You are watching the news hour tonight, and with you is……………..” Click. Enough I thought. I shut off the TV and threw the remote on the bed. It was 11pm on August 14th, and the nation was waiting to hear the PM’s Independence Day speech the next day. “No news is good news”, I mumbled. The mindless chatter of spokesperson’s  from various party’s went on their usual daily grind, throwing daggers at one another. Wasn’t this a daily spectacle conducted by most of the TV channels? Gosh. What a waste of time!

    I switched on the FM radio to catch up with some late night melodies. From one idiot box to another music box, if I may call it. Nowadays melodies have been cast aside for the 11 clock slot, when the nation sleeps. I tried a few FM stations patiently and settled down for 97.2. The slow Tamil numbers from the 1980’s were like lullaby’s. I was half asleep….” Vikram. “Vikram”. A clear and bold female voice jolted me as I woke up and opened the door. To my surprise there was no one. I wondered, if it was the ” news effect”. I knew it. Seeing so many channels I felt a bit confused I thought. Again the voice “Vikram”… This time I knew the source. It was from the FM radio. I felt dizzy. I went close to the speaker and listened. ”

    The voice said ” Vikram, this is Mother India”. What ? I jumped. ” Yes, It’s me, Vikram, she said. Don’t you idiots know that this is the sixty-seventh year of our independence. I am fed up of seeing so many channels  showing the flag hoisting on independence day, year after year, state after state. All you guys just assemble and salute the flag for a day and then carry on to do your lousy work. It’s sixty-seven long years Vikram.  I thought you guys would take this wonderful country to a place of envy. You say you have so many cell phones, set-top boxes, TV sets, online shopping, so many new cars on the road. It’s of no use.

    I have chosen you Vikram, to voice my outburst. You are going to be my knight in shining armor. You will be bestowed with special powers from me. I am going to give you the power to implement policies, change the rule book, implement new ideas, build bridges, lay new roads, hmm.. you will be armed with all the knowledge to govern this beautiful country. You are the chosen one. So don’t waste time sleeping. Wake up to a new tomorrow and be ready to hear me everyday, same time, in the same FM channel. It’s Mother India broadcasting to you and only you. See you tomorrow

    I pinched himself. Ouch. It was real. What the sh…? Am I the chosen one. Out of so many millions. I safely unplugged the radio and kept it inside my desk, my hands shivering with excitement, waiting for 11 pm tomorrow.


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    The Hot Seat 

    The war cries have already begun. The new Indian Prime Minister is yet to take oath. His invitation to all SARC country heads has created a stir as expected. What will the politicians and the news channels do? Their daily bread and butter is another man’s agony. Normally NEWS is nothing but seeing or reading about a helpless situation, a helpless man, or a woman in any part of the world. As we may all know most of the “NEWS” is negative in nature. So a wise man said to me ” Don’t watch the news channel before retiring to bed.” He may be right. Now, let me leave the pros and cons of the news channels for a while and move on to our country.

    This bold invite of his is being ripped apart, baked, fried and grilled in all news channels and newspapers, since they were running dry for a couple of days until the new cabinet takes shape, and before things start moving. This invite has come as a blessing for them, as a ” filler headline ” for a couple of days. It is very funny to note that even before the PM readies himself to sit on the hot seat, there are heat waves floating like feathers all around. Too much is being read into this issue.

    All issues can be best dealt with when the person is sitting in front of you in full flesh and blood, than by seeing him or talking through any electronic medium, be it a cellphone, or a telephone, or a television, or Skype, or by email. The common man is now used to seeing so many people, so many situations live on TV, that he jumps to conclusions within seconds and starts favoring a group A or a group B. It’s all too fast. News spreads like wild-fire these days, thanks to so much communication channels we have at our disposal, right from the net to the idiot box lying in our living room.

    So, let us have some patience. Patience my friend. Let the magic unfold by itself. Mr. Narendra Modi may be the magician, but we are all part of the magic. Unless we participate positively, do some work by ourselves, shed a few drops of sweat, shed a few threads of hatred, it will not work. After all everyone wants peace.

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    Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister 

      Tabrik C


    Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister

    Author: Tabrik C
    Publisher: Hachette India
    Number of Pages: 319
    Price [INR]: 350
    Genre: Fiction (Political Thriller)

    The story evolves around Siddhartha Tagore, the newly elected Prime Minister of India. He is the wrong man in the most powerful place. He has his heart soaked deeply in love and Mozart that anything else makes no sense. I would have titled the book ” The Mozart Man”. Tabrik talks so much about Mozart in so many chapters that his music has set the tone in this fast paced book.

    Siddhartha Tagore is a difficult character to chisel. He has his own zig zag graph of madness, sadness, ecstasy, lust, sex, love and music all bundled into one. His emotions run riot at most times, and Tabrik has done justice in capturing them beautifully. From Harvard to No 7, Race Course Road, the story goes back and forth. Sometimes it appears a bit dull. The love story between Rubaya and Siddhartha could have been written more in detail, so that the reader could justify, Siddhartha’s deep love for her, much later, when she vanishes in an accident.

    The timing of this book is at it’s best. India is on the verge of a general election and the world is waiting to see the results. This book has been published when Indian politics is evolving, and a new breed of voters are getting ready to cast their vote. Lots of shots have been taken at political parties, some of them quite real too. Among all the characters in this book, Professor Gordon Thoburn’s amazes me. It took me by surprise. I am going to paste a picture of a Harley Davidson here. You know why? harley

    This bike has an important role in this book. That’s why. The suspense is really good at the end. The cover of this book brings the loneliness which Siddhartha faces in real life. It has been creatively done. On the whole this book is worth reading because, we humans have different faces, even though we fear to admit it. There are so many “Siddhartha Tagore’s ” all over India planted in the wrong place. Passion elsewhere and work somewhere. It brings about so many character traits hiding in all of us , sometimes rearing an ugly head.

    Refreshing read.

    Rating – 3/5.

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    Image source – hdw.eweb4.com and http://www.dailypioneer.com/vivacity/race-to-lead.html


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    What does “winning” mean to you? Before going into that, let me congratulate the  “India Today” group for choosing this topic as their theme for the India today conclave 2014 which is going to be held in New Delhi on March 7th, 2014.

    Every one of us wants to be a winner. The strictest dictionary meaning of “winning” would be ” the act of one that wins ; victory. ” The world we live in is mostly tribal in nature. It’s views sway with the majority’s views, rather than being individualistic. It looks at people as winners only if they have touched the winning ribbon at the end of the race. It applauds athletes, politicians, writers, cricketers, prime ministers and actors by the hits they have given and not by the content they have delivered. At the end of the day, their arithmetic must add up to be the highest among their equals. If not they would be termed as losers. That is what the world thinks.


    But, I beg to differ. The world now is a different ball of universe. It doesn’t need winners of this sort. I quote Dalai lama here, ” The world doesn’t need more ‘successful people.’ The world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.”

    The winning euphoria has caused nations to be at war with each other for several decades. I know some Berlin walls might have been broken but those are just stray incidents. Several nations are sitting on the nuclear bomb, waiting to press a disastrous button. All this, for nothing  but, winning against a meek nation. Winning has caused several football club managers to be raised on to the roof  and others thrown in the streets. Winning, for sports has caused some sports to be held like a new-born child and other sports thrown away as orphans. There are winners in each sport, which the world fails to see and acknowledge.

    This sort of winning has caused politicians to throw mud against each other, in the race to an election, in which the so-called winner would be decided. Will the voter be the winner? This is yet to be seen in any election.

    The student in India is decided, by the tabulated report card,  duly stamped after each semester. At the end of the year, his performance is decided by his score on hundred. His mindset, his parent’s mindset, his relative’s mindset, the society’s mindset are only on this rectangular report card and not on the knowledge he has gained or learnt in school. The knowledge here is just transferred from the teacher to the student. It is not shared. There is a big difference between the two. He may be a winner after all these calculations, but will he be a performer, is a big question mark.

    The world has so many religions, all vying against each other for the top slot. Are the followers peaceful?  It is a big question which needs an answer.

    For me, winning would be, moving away from the ordinary, trying new things, failing several times, learning, not pretending to know every answer under the sun, communicating and sharing knowledge. Winning for me would be to respect the divinity in each person, irrespective of his cast, color or creed. Winning for me would be to see students graduating from colleges with practical knowledge and confidence, which they can use in liberal doses in real life situations.

    Winning for me would be, to see gentle politicians going about their task in a peaceful manner and accomplishing much more for their constituency, rather than engaging in petty fights to boost their party’s morale. Winning for me would be, to see Indians as united, not divided by caste, state, position or language. If a winner is moulded in such traits, then the world and India would see a different winner each time. His vision would not be to conquer but to share. His vision would be to give and then take. His vision would be  to ” humanize”  the process of creation and not “robotize”  it.

    The world will be very happy for such winners and I will be so happy to see them too. Thank You.




    image : losangeles.bitter-lemons.com

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    An Uncommon Victory 


                         A A P

    Place :                                                 New Delhi

    Date  :                                                 8.12.2013

    How  :                                                Broom Stick

    Result  :                                             A  NEW  SWEEP



    image credit : http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/

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    Cover Story 


    All the cars made a beeline to their loyal and well-known destination, No 16, Maidhan Avenue, New Delhi. Police troops and SPG commandos swarmed the place and took vantage points inside this sprawling residence. This place hadn’t seen much activity for the past four years. It was quiet because, its graceful resident, Mrs Swarupa Singh, had lost the previous election pretty badly and by a big margin. Her “Swadeshi Chakra ” party members were not kind to her, and all the bigwigs tried their best to keep Mrs.Swarupa Singh out of the prime ministerial race, but luck was with Mrs Singh. Today was different.

    Jai Ho !

    Jai Ho ! (Photo credit: nanda_uforians)

    She fought this election tooth and nail, by playing to the masses and promising thirty point plans, out  of which, most were freebies. She hired the country’s biggest marketing ad agency and they conceived her plans like a business commercial. She won the election by a big margin, pleasing all her party cadres, and also reassuring her  top brass’s faith in her.

    Today was the D Day. She was going to assume office at 5 pm. The morning papers showered praises and said ” Mrs Singh wins the second time”. ” Mrs.Swarupa Singh is our new Prime Minister”. ” Swarupa swims against all odds to clinch the throne”. Swarupa Singh was amused at the media. The media need something to chew on. Whether its fast food or a healthy diet, they don’t seem to  bother. She was sipping hot tea, as she read the headlines. Her faithful secretary Venkatraman interrupted her reading.”Madam, all the preparation has been done for our unofficial cabinet meeting this morning. Mr. Jeyamohan and Mr. Shri Gowda have promised to be here on time.” Jeyamohan was the finance minister elect and Shri Gowda was going to hold the home minister portfolio.

    the "red fort", new delhi, india.

    the “red fort”, new delhi, india. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    At 11 am she took the blessings of her parents, and walked into the conference hall adjoining her house. This hall was used for all party meetings. It had seen many parliamentarians. Definitely It had seen heated arguments, at times, even chairs flying. After all, it was like a mini parliament. Mrs. Singh sat down and glanced at her vibrant fellow party members and ministerial elects. The portfolio allocation was a foregone conclusion and everyone knew it like the back of their hand.

    ” Friends, Quiet please.” After a brief pause she continued, “God has been kind to us and the people have shown their faith again, on us. We have taken the people for a ride most of the time if not always.” She could here some murmuring voices. ” Let me make it simple. This term, it’s going to be my way. We have the majority. We have the most brainiest of people in our cabinet.” Jeyamohan smiled proudly and adjusted his collar. Swarupa Singh took out a sheet of paper, and then glanced at her secretary. Quickly, Venkatraman opened his brief case and started distributing the copies of that sheet to all members present.

    “India is now evolving. We are a new nation with strengths in atomic and nuclear power. We have acres of un utilized lands. We have an english literate population. ” “Madam, Are you out of your senses? “Jeyamohan shouted. “This is impossible and silly. You say that, sanitation, housing, water and roads are the most important priorities for this term.” ” Jeyamohan, please wait. India has cell phones, luxurious cars, the greatest hospitals, good schools and colleges. But we don’t have the civic sense. Most Indians, literate or illiterate use the road as a toilet. We lack the discipline in driving cars, following rules. The same Indian when he travels to the USA he changes. What wonder took place. Nothing. It is all in the mind.

    T52/37 The Flag Runner

    T52/37 The Flag Runner (Photo credit: Rajesh_India)

    Therefore let the information and broadcasting minister use the FM radio and TV as a weapon, in education. Let us start from scratch, like Japan did. It may take years, but we can be proud to say that we started it. I have to say, that this time as prime minister I have decided to change. Then I have decided to change people like you. So, ministers who want to work with me, better make sure you follow my words. Let us take the politics out of politics. Let us change India. This time she decided to raise the bar. Venkatraman smiled at the new Prime Minister Mrs.Swarupa Singh.


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    • Amar Naik 2:08 am on November 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      hopefully one day we have a strong PM, whose orders are implemented properly as you said in the post 🙂


      • Ram 7:30 am on November 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, let us hope for the best


      • Ram 7:30 am on November 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Amar


      • Ram 2:12 pm on December 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Amar, I have tagged you for the PASS post from blogadda. Sorry I didn’t inform you earlier. Thank you


    • jini maxin fernandez 10:28 am on November 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Nice take on the prompt.


    • kalpana solsi 2:53 pm on November 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      What a positive approach .Hope we have a PM like Mrs. Swarupa Singh. Amen. your story made me smile.


      • Ram 3:51 pm on November 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Kalpana. Everything starts with an idea. It will become a reality soon.


    • Anita 4:55 pm on November 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      “Journey of a 1000 miles must begin with a single step.” May we have more such steps & progressive PMS! Nice story!


    • Garima shrivastava nag 10:29 am on November 27, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Nice story Ram . Especially i loved the line ” Let us take the politics out of politics.” . Need of the hour .


      • Ram 6:18 pm on November 27, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Garima. Yes, it is the need of the hour.


      • Ram 2:10 pm on December 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Garima, I have tagged you for the PASS post. Sorry I didn’t message you about it earlier. Thank you.


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    The Indian Politician 

    Ashok ji zindabad…Ashok ji zindabad.. Ashok ji zindabad.. The cries got louder and louder. The crowds got thicker and thicker. Mushtaq was perching on his sisters white balcony wall, and craning his neck to have a glimpse at the swelling crowd. He lit his favorite, brown, “More” cigarette, and inhaled a slow, smooth puff. Today he was in an unusual mood to relish his smoke, which he hadn’t done in the past decade. He took to this brand when he was in college because he wanted to look different from his classmates who always smoked white cigarettes. Even to this day he hasn’t changed anything. The narrow sylvan garden street wore a festive look. The yelling crowds looked like ants marching in a hurry to get their pieces of left over sugar cubes.

    Ashok had just started his election campaign today after visiting his Matha temple in his home town. This is his second campaign. The previous one was won by a handsome margin of 20000 votes. His party leader Shivlal had generously offered him a two acre farm house on the posh outskirts of Delhi, but he courteously rejected it saying he wanted to be closer to his people in the narrow lanes of sylvan colony. Shivlal knew Ashok ji was a match winner, a rare breed, which he could put all his money on.

    The real reason, was, no where in the world could he continue to do all his other illegal activities had he moved to the posh farm house. Ashok was born here and liked the smell of hot samosas from Manu Bhai’s shop, and the sweet paan from Calcutta Paan House. Never was he going to leave sylvan colony. Ashok ‘s car took a small turn and slowed down near a small but neat white house . The crowds roared as beautiful young ladies, dressed in blue saris, came out to take the traditional lamp arti, and were eagerly eyeing the plate which had red kumkum water in it. Ashok was a generous tipper and these ladies knew it, waiting to latch on to a few thousand rupee notes when they fall on this exquisitely carved brass plate. An added bonus this year was, they were all dressed in blue saris which was his party flag color, to impress Ashok ji. As the car stopped, Ashok stepped out with his soft yellow sandals. He looked fresh from his last victory and lazily gazed at his onlookers and gently raised his head. His face grew pale and white, as he saw Mushtaq standing near the balcony wall terrace.

    Ashok had just typed and sent a personal letter to his party leader Shivlal, two days before starting his visit to his home town. It read ” Dear Shivlal Bhai, not the right time to call you, since I am leaving to my home town before starting the election campaign. So I am handing over this letter personally through my brother Mukesh. You must immediately dismiss Mushtaq from our party. His loyalty is questionable and has had secret talks with our opposition leader. I know you will take my word and do it immediately. I will return fresh to start a great election campaign. Signed … Ashok”

    Shivlal ji zindabad…. Shivlal ji zindabad…….. Ashok  was shocked on hearing those shouts and seeing his party leader Shivlal emerge out of the white house, to greet him. Namaste Ashok ji. Namaste Ashok ji. Our party had to meet urgently this afternoon and we decided it will be at Mushtaq’s sisters house. Our second line leaders have been arguing with me from yesterday . They have asked me to allocate a seat this year for our Mushtaq. He is a loyal party worker for more than ten years, and stood by us during our worst crisis. But I said, it is already an unwritten word that Ashok will be our choice for this election too and I can’t change that. Ashok has already won us an election and Mushtaq is totally new. I didn’t know how to face you , but I have to concede to my party men as you know, thats how we work. So Ashok, this time let us give Mushtaq a chance.

    Ashok ‘s face grew more paler than ever before. He was totally speechless and felt dizzy. He was wondering whether the letter he sent through his brother had reached his party leader. He followed Shivlal ji inside the house and offered to sit down under a fan. He asked for a glass of water, and turned in the direction of the staircase where he heard foot steps.

    His brother Mukesh and Mushtaq chatted busily as they came downstairs. They had a smile when they saw Ashok sitting helplessly on the chair. On seeing Mushtaq, Ashok stood up slowly and said ” Salaam ” Mushtaq ji. Mushtaq said ” Namaste” Ashok ji.

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